HT / Forging process Solutions

HT (Heat Treatment) / Forging is a manufacturing process involving the heat up of metal for better metallurgical properties and / or the shaping of metal using localized compressive forces.

FRP® is designed to cover these processes as standalone OR integrated and to handle the complete HT / Forging process with all complexities, e.g. HT cycle, cold / warm / hot forging, pre-heating, holding time, vital chemical compositions, etc.

  • Planning and scheduling of various HT / Forging items, heating, quenching, time duration, machining, capacity and any type of bottlenecks
  • HT/Forging cost and its profitability tracking
  • Track each additional cost on the single platform
  • Overall performance optimization
  • Planning as per bottlenecks e.g. HT Furnace, Forge requirements
  • Backward planning for better machine shop utilization
  • Quality management via integrated approaches
  • Online Part Traceability 24 x 7

FRP® solutions for HT / FORGING needs provide tangible improvements regarding Resource Planning, “Cost to Cast”, PPC & scheduling, WIP (Work in Progress Report), Quality Management, Real time part traceability.


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