The FRP® Difference


The FRP® – PPC System is the tool you need for the operative and strategic planning of your production. With the FRP® – PPC System both long and short term scheduling and capacity situations can be controlled and monitored around the clock.

The FRP® – PPC System is particularly suited for planning and synchronizing moulding, melting and casting processes. Tooling / Pattern availability combined with all resources in any type of metal casting environment allows for the synchronization of continuous and discontinuous processes and the availability of capacities.

  • Tool availability, preparation and provisioning, moulding availability for single piece or mass produced castings
  • Coordination moulding shop and core production with account taking of pattern plates and core box combinations and allocations
  • Provision of liquid melt to several moulding shop areas in different material qualities and ability to form pouring batches
  • Cooling time considerations
  • Continuity and capacity if cast finishing treatment incl. ESP’s (external service providers)
  • Forming of heat treatment batches

The FRP® – PPC System key features:

  • Flexible and configurable planning levels with any type of scheduling solutions.
  • Forming of production lots at scheduling level and planning according to defined capacities and availabilities
  • Confirmation of delivery dates based on capacity plan
  • Individual plan for each production level (foundry stage) according to current demand or plan of production lots for all different production steps
  • Detailed planning of each production step with machine assignments in order to control the production in the subsequent time-period.
  • Selection of most suitable / optimal sequence under consideration of any target criteria or restriction.
  • Jobbing order production will cover weekly schedules usually created for the moulding shop whereby each production area can decide on their own sequence and man-power utilization
  • Bottleneck visualization via foundry information system for e.g. pits, special boxes, special alloys, others
  • Serial order production the previous plan is constantly updated with the new incoming orders forming a new production plan on shift / day / week / month / quarterly basis
  • Synchronization of mould, melt and casting process and alignment with upstream (core making) and downstream (e.g. machining) processes.
  • Production plans are accessible online

The FRP® – PPC System scope of functions

  • Order management with different order types including test and reservation orders
  • Capacity planning according to operational areas, machines and individual process steps
  • Production variants can be combined as desired
  • Online information system for all foundry data
  • Extensive configuration possibilities for entering confirmations from production online with actual times, outage and overhead cost times – mobile data entry possibility
  • Comprehensive analysis and evaluation possibilities, calculation of KPI including final costing and performance efficiency evaluations
  • Integrated tracing of batch / test and cast number (casting markings) across all foundry stages for the final product
  • Variety of processing options for ESP’s
  • Processing of all booking data for comprehensive product cost accounting
  • Sophisticated block and release concept for planning and confirmations
  • Extension options for special processes like centrifugal / continuous / investment / pressure die casting considering los or permanet moulds and models
  • GANTT diagrams in form and layout.

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