The FRP® Difference

The FRP® – Product Planning System

The FRP® – Product Planning System (PP) forms the basis of our success in designing a MES / FRP® system for foundries.

It encompasses the master data for all process and product description and all necessary resources for the manufacturing of casting and other related products.

  • The parts or article master lists the descriptive characteristics and technical parameters of the cast parts and pre-products.
  • The parameters, object characteristics, formulae and functions are determined by the part groups, which are classified according to technical factors
  • The resource plan (RP) contains the time and quantity specifications for processes, workstations, equipment, assembly groups, pre-products and materials in form of a task list with an integrated parts list.

The FRP® – PP System key features:

  • Fundamental important business process controlling
  • Calculation of product cost and pricing
  • Production planning and control including capacity and workforce requirements planning
  • Ascertaining the quantities of purchasing materials required
  • Cost center accounting, controlling and cost objection controlling
  • Identifying company’s KPI and investment planning
  • Calculation of wages according to thr remuneration model and performance incentives (contract workers)

The FRP® – PP System scope of functions

  • Applicable functionality for any industry if desired manufacturing complex assembly products.
  • Support for all functions required in the metal casting sector
  • Comprehensive material database linked with material test plans for a variety of different standards and customer specifications
  • Directory of standard compositions and price lists
  • Integration of tool management with assignment according to RP for moulding plates, core boxes, casting dies, etc.
  • Close interaction of the RP and test plans for parts and materials
  • Administration of the moulding box store including selection of suitable boxes
  • Pre-configuration of part groups through all production stages of the cast part
  • Inclusion of any typical foundry formulae known
  • Classification characteristics for the different moulding and casting procedures
  • Administration of diagrams, documents, images, 3D and any other data
  • Storage of work and test instructions in any number and formats
  • User – defined formulation of surcharges and conversion to customer dependent metal prices

The FRP® – PP core function : Resource Plan

  • The center of FRP® – PP is the resource plan (RP) program. Here, the data for a finished part can be edited at all structural levels. Standard RP are stored as templates
  • Parts and complete RP can duplicated with user decision on part that shall be adopted and parts that shall be modified
  • Simple procedures for new items or tools with sophisticated authorization concept controls for data and functions
  • Change documentation and history function on any level
  • Availability of information and research options to look for individual items
  • “Cost to Cast” technology and display online
  • Automatic workflow for calculating offers and auto-scheduling of received orders
  • Specifications and cost elements are stored in an online archive for tracing of development cost at any life cycle moment
  • Automatic update option for related production tasks lists taking status of individual lots into consideration

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