The FRP® Difference

The FRP® – SALES Management System

The FRP® – Sales Management System (SAL) is the reliable and clear instrument for preparing offers, processing orders, organizing shipping and invoicing. It supports all types of order such as trial and first article, individual, run schedule header and make-and-hold orders, not only for products but also for tools and models, and for variety of logistical principles such a preview, firm order, consignment stores or trading goods.

The comprehensive information system offers quick and up-to-date overview of all processes between the company and the consumer.

The FRP® – Sales module is part of our RGU.FRP® supply chain management solution for foundries that do not have anything like this in-house. The core competencies of this solution lie in the visualization of complex price calculation, in the workflow between calculation and sales, and in its interfaces to PPC / PP and Inventory and Materials Management.

  • Customer master data with all details
  • Financial accounting integration
  • Automatic calculation of shipping costs based on distance and mode of transport
  • Pricing based on manufacturing costs, contribution margins and target sales prices under consideration of raw material and all items under man-machine-material in the resource plan
  • Automatic updates of metal price data in order to compare going rates for scrap and other raw materials
  • Price data stored with validity and next change / update date.
  • Quantity scales are provided for basic prices and other price components.

The FRP® – SALES System key features:

  • Offer preparation is controlled by a workflow covering all departments involved from sales, product development and calculation, tool management, as well as purchasing
  • Active monitoring of all changes and deadlines set
  • Recording of all changes and customer requirements via systematic follow up reminder function.
  • Customer call-off orders communicated by EDI to make-and-hold orders are processed directly and are available without delay for production scheduling.
  • All communication with customers done by EDI.

The FRP® – SALES System scope of functions

  • Customer changes on quantities and deadlines are communicated directly to scheduling and PPC.
  • Recording of any change and system checks re. plausibility
  • Checks against procurement initiation, production start, current stock levels and many more
  • Multiple shipping notes can be combined into single dispatch order with automatic selection of pre-defined transportation mode
  • Extension period definitions for combined orders overlapping
  • Multiple printing functionalities with automatic stock updates for each shipment
  • Freight calculations are based on rate tables, distance and delivery location.
  • Complete management of all documents required with automatic generation once “ready for dispatch” is reported.
  • Research functions for past orders / shipments and the like
  • Via FIS complete overview of all sales related items

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