The FRP® Difference

The FRP® – WIP

The FRP® – WIP = work in progress Management system is the integrated approach for understanding of “what is happening where and when in the foundry”.

This management system is based on any level a foundry is operating from work paper manual level up to digital / barcode reader type level.

WIP is crucial in DATA collection for operational excellence. Hence it is vital that any feedback station knows its importance and understanding in addition to the data correctness.

  • Production data with all details at any foundry stage.
  • Process number / staff sequence / report status
  • Performance evaluations of machine based on output
  • Shift timings / break time / setup time
  • Voucher number / process details / tool ID and related order number
  • Lot size / good – bad pieces / rework / reject / material consumption
  • Overheads / staff-time distribution
  • Tool ready positioning
  • Circulation report
  • Completion report
  • Stock dispatch and stock entry
  • Scrap report vs. raw material input

The FRP® – WIP – work in progress System key features:

  • WIP – Paperless “Work In Progress” report for each foundry stages through digital means
  • Hourly / shift / daily possible to record in real time via Terminal / Tab
  • Downtime alert, circulation report,
  • Shift calendar
  • External supplier operations & scheduling can be also part of PPC
  • SOP, QC plan for core, mould, checklist can be part of PPC
  • Evaluate Man-Machine performance & productivity

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