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14th Foundry Seminar ‘Casting a Greener Future 2017’

This one-day event, held on 15th September 2017 at Hotel Sheraton Grand, Pune, has covered varieties of topics to address various concerns and requirements of the foundries

Mr. Bhushan Bhatt – Director of Auto Design Online and Indian partner for RGU Asia Pte. Ltd was one of the panelists during this event.
Mr. Bhushan has shared his views on Foundry Resource Planning, Automatic Production planning & scheduling, WIP in real time and its importance in today’s time.

Many experienced foundrymen have raised questions regarding how to minimize rejections level and human interface to avoid repetitive mistakes with respect to process control, which could be addressed in certain way FRP – Machine integrations and through better resource planning.Cost to cast was also one of the hot topics.

Cost to cast was also one of the hot topics.