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The FRP® Difference


– the “architects dream” when it comes to foundry resource planning solutions


Our FRP.opti module system is just what you need if you have to meet high demands with regard to the complexity and level of coverage for your foundry processes. Together with you, we structure the processes which are to be visualized and deliver a system which fulfils your needs.

Ideal for medium-sized to corporation-sized foundries with links to SAP / ORACLE / MS-DYNAMICS.

From enquiry to order, from order to cast parts – with FRP.opti

You get an enquiry, then simply plan and calculate new parts while accessing your calculation archive, you schedule reservation orders in your production planning and control application, know your basic, finish and delivery dates and bottlenecks, give your customer a realistic price, possible delivery dates and then you get the order, produce and deliver on schedule – all in the shortest possible time.

Product planning is at the heart of our FRP® system but it can also be a useful tool on its own if you want to calculate something quickly. Compared to other systems FRP® does not separate the work plan (or scheduler) from the parts list, but aligns itself to the way the foundry really works. All the resources needed to manufacture a certain cast part are displayed within a tree structure in a multi-step resources plan. It doesn’t matter whether it involves self-produced materials (cores, models, melt), bought-in items (filters/feeders, sand, external services) or services (moulding, cleaning, finishing). This makes it easier to duplicate and change parts, create new parts or, for example, to update changed bought-in materials for several products. The calculation itself – always taking account of the material pricelists and material surcharges which have been entered – is just a “by-product”.

  • Foundry solution that ensures – SINGLE person can manage whole foundry and shop floor activities
  • Multiple order handling with automatic delivery date scheduling based tool-pattern availability, capacity and bottlenecks of all foundry stages.
  • FIS (Foundry Information System) – is the online system available via Webbrowser to access real time data of all the ongoing shop floor activities.

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