The RGU.FRP® family


The FRP® Difference

FRP.SAP / Oracle

– the comprehensive integration solution

FRP.SAP / Oracle

From enquiry to order with SAP/Oracle, from order to cast part with FRP.V8

SAP/Oracle are the world’s leading ERP system providing integrated IT support for company business processes such as those in sales, production, materials management, finance, controlling and personnel as well as in research/development and marketing.

MES/PPC-systems – process-oriented production management systems – form the link between the ERP system at the company management level and the actual production process but cannot simply be put to use in any particular sector. Implementation can only be successful if both process and company-specific requirements are taken into account. This is particularly true for the foundry industry

The diversity and variety of production procedures in foundries are characterised by linking continuous and non-continuous processes which demand special planning systems for scheduling and production planning such as those implemented in RGU.FRP® – FRP.V8.

This integration solution combines the strengths of both systems:

  • The throughput of volume and value flows in the leading ERP system, in particular in commercial departments and controlling, combined
  • with the comprehensive MES/PPC solutions for foundries and similar companies covering all production and process-related tasks

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