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GDCTech 2017 Conference in Mumbai

GDC TECH 2017 held @ Mumbai (India) on 5th, 6th & 7th October 2017.

This event had a Multi-Faceted agenda covering Aluminum Die Castings and Forgings. With “Make in India” the initiative of the  Hon. Prime Minister of India is gaining the status of an important sourcing country. Keeping this in mind, B2B meetings had been planned to provide value-added services to the buyers along with an exhibition of Equipment’s, Casting Components & Materials.

GDC TECH Forum had invited Mr. Bhushan Bhatt – Director of Auto Design Online and RGU ASIA Pte. Ltd. – Indian Partner,  as one of the panelist to present FRPFoundry Resource Planning Solutions where he shared the experience with a large number of participants from GDC-HPDC-LPDC Aluminum foundries. A detailed presentation with case studies, among others, had enriched the participants to understand how “Foundry 4.0” can be achieved using systematic resource planning / scheduling via software based digital controlling with FRP.

We thank GDCTECH  Forum for inviting us to share our expertise and know-how in the field of Aluminum foundries and look forward to further support the industry with tailor made digital solutions to make it dynamic and different.