Current situation in melt shop operations in the metals industry (casting, iron- and steelmaking, smelters, etc.) is diverse and fragmented. The melt shop is the LEAST digitalized area inside such company operations and provides huge potential for productivity improvements.

In melt shops a lot of money goes up in smoke every day, literally.

Optimum melt-shop runs combined with cost-effective material consumption, reduced re-alloying quantities and steps – as well as shorter melting times – determine just how economical a melt shop is or can be.

Having efficient support for the melting process combined with well-functioning materials management and successful energy management systems are becoming more and more important as factors of success in metal casting operations.

Modern melt shop operations are nowadays digitally enhanced with advanced software systems and other solutions in order to create heightened efficiency and cost savings wherever possible.

The melt shop has as mentioned before – among others – the highest digitalization potential among any metals operations and FRP®.melt is THE solution to start out with supporting the entire value chain.

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