Digitalisation in metal casting operations requires 3 MAJOR PRE-REQUISITES

  1. Digital Mindset
  2. Operational Transparency
  3. Consistency in the transformation journey

As manufacturers, there are problems that are faced across the industry. In metal casting this is no difference. With #digitalization of metal casting operations you will be able to eliminate some of these obstacles faced in manual processes and operations and their controlling.
So as a metal casting manufacturer, what’s your biggest pain point? Likely its going to be:

  • Inventory Control & Visibility
  • OEE Machine Utilization
  • Traceability of Production
  • Real-time Scheduling

If you select any of the above on priority then you may have missed the point. All 4 items are equally important BUT when it comes to understanding the above bullet points in comparison to the items 1-3 above please focus on the essential requirement for managers and supervisors to CONSISTENTLY utilize their data and information gathered through digital solutions.

Because transitioning towards a digitalized ecosystem is more than just a toolset, it’s a complete (digital) mindset


The main reason WHY this is the right approach lies in the fact that DATA IS EVERYWHERE

Your FOUNDRY is a treasure box of DATA. You just need to harvest it, put into a proper setup and ensure you follow through in your digitalisation efforts, after all its like running marathon.

In addition the classical 80/20 rule applies as well
While 80% spent searching for the data
Only 20% have it readily available and doing something with it