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The FRP® Difference

What is RGU.FRP®?

FRP® is derived from the well-known abbreviation ERP which stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. But instead of an undefined “Enterprise” we focus exclusively on “Foundries” which have significantly different processes compared to standard ERP systems – this has led to the abbreviation FRP® or Foundry Resource Planning. For more than 30 years we have been delivering specific software solutions to the foundry industry. From the initial enquiry through to when cast parts are ready for shipment, we take care of and structure the processes using our software. We aim to cover the majority of functions required with our standard product. This has grown into the most powerful solution available on the market for calculations, resource, production planning and control – our RGU.FRP® family. Your special requirements do not usually mean the need for complicated programming services which have you running the gauntlet with every new release; instead your needs can be fulfilled by configuring existing standard programs.

The solutions are still modular and scalable – we set ourselves the same high expectations which your customers expect as far as flexibility is concerned. That not only applies to our software products but also to our consulting skills. Our staff from the foundry industry speak your language. Linking IT solutions on the one hand and the varied process landscapes found in foundries on the other is our key competence. It saves you a lot of money as you do not have to explain every task and vocabulary over and over again.


Which product is right for you?

Our FRP®.opti module system is just what you need if you have to meet high demands with regard to the complexity and level of coverage for your foundry processes. Together with you, we structure the processes which are to be visualized and deliver a system which fulfils your needs.

Ideal for medium-sized to corporation-sized foundries with links to SAP/Oracle.

Our preconfigured system FRP®.kompakt is particularly suitable for smaller foundries. Preconfigured processes and the choice of a range of functions using function lists guarantee a cost-effective solution with short implementation times – without the compromises you would normally expect to have to make with a standard system.

Small and Medium-sized foundries have special requirements for their corporate software. FRP®.base provides you with a stripped down and basic needs  FRP® system (Foundry Resource Planning) especially tailored to the needs of very small and medium-sized foundries with up to 6 workstations.

For the core area of meltshop operations, FRP®.melt delivers a separate solution which plans your meltshop, optimizes charging and re-charging and ensures safety and traceability throughout the complete process. It is available as a stand-alone solution with optional connections to other systems or as a fully integrated product within our FRP® standard system. FRP®.melt is an enhancement of the renowned ks schmelze solution from ADV Schulte GmbH.

As the world’s leading ERP-System, SAP and Oracle provide a comprehensive and continuous IT-Support of business processes in companies, sales department, production, materials management, finances, controlling, and staff as well as in
research / development and marketing.

The casting production however is characterised by the interaction of continuous and discontinuous processes in the single manufacturing levels. These are variously distinct, depending on the type of business (individual or serial production), material group and moulding and casting process. The focus is on the synchronisation of the moulding, melting and casting process.

These deliberations were the origin for the development of the SAP/Oracle-Industry solution “All for Foundry” as an integration solution of RGU.FRP® into SAP/Oracle in order to combine the strength of both systems optimally:

  • The continuous quantity and value flow in the ERP-System with the same cost transparency of a continuous processing in the SAP/Oracle – System associated with.
  • The image of typical foundry requirements in the product planning over all production levels, the tool management, the production planning and controlling such as the quality management.

The fact that our products focus on the foundry industry is no coincidence. Behind every implementation there is a strong team of consultants who have their roots in the foundry industry. This means we are a strong partner at your side when it comes to product-independent consulting, whether you are designing foundry processes or setting up supplier-independent specifications for the introduction of software systems in foundries. We really understand this business.

Try us. We would be very pleased to present our products and solutions to you. Arrange a personal appointment with us in your company. We are there for you! Just get in touch.

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