The FRP® Difference

The FRP® – Quality Management System

The FRP® – Quality Management System (QM) is the effective instrument for building a cost-efficient supply chain, enabling foundries to pinpoint and remedy any shortfalls or errors in workflow management and production process.

  • QM program allows for setup test planning for products throughout all stages of casting manufacture, materials and processes.
  • Test values, quality parameters and process requirements are monitored with relation to parts and processes
  • Complaint management deals with internal and external errors and complaints.
  • Freeze of orders or clearance for shipment with recording of all processes and documents

The FRP® – QM System key features:

  • Combination of test planning and product planning
  • Test plan with target values, test instructions and parameters concerning inspection and requirements according to recognized standards, customer specifications or factory regulations
  • Link of test plan with resource plan (RP)
  • Special material test plan can be stored for variety of recognized standards with different designation
  • One or many products or pre-products test plan can be stored starting from moulding material incl. cast part, core, raw casting up to machines finished product.
  • Test plan version like RP can be duplicated and modified based on user requirements
  • Test plan for purchased materials, tools and equipment incl. machinery and other ESP items can be included

The FRP® – QM System scope of functions

  • Chemical analysis
  • Mechanical values (tensile and bending test, notched bar impact test)
  • Hardness test
  • Thermal treatment with temperature profile and the corresponding parts
  • Microstructure
  • Non-destructive tests (ultrasound, magnetic particle inspection, dye penetrant inspection)
  • Industrial radiography
  • Dimensional test
  • Any customized test that is user / customer / factory / industry relevant

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