The FRP® Difference

Your FRP® – (R) Evolution from Sales to Delivery of castings on ONE standard platform FRP.kompakt

Complete coverage

Unrivaled performance

Compact price under “plug & play” conditions

SME foundries have special requirements for their corporate software needs. They very often do not have any systematic approach and hence require a tailormade solution looking after all that required. FRP.kompakt provides this solution with an optimized and standardized FRP® system specially tailored.

FRP® – FRP.kompakt is due to its modular principle in a position to adapt in a flexible way. From detailed planning up to knowledge management with all casting history the system delivers. This means also that FRP.kompakt can grow when the foundry grows.

FRP.kompakt is easy to handle, simple to understand, comprehensive in display and integrates all typical processes. Implementation is short and consequently cost friendly.


HIGHLIGHTS of FRP.kompakt:

  • Planning
  • Production
  • Reporting / FIS


  • Integrated operations schedule and parts list as a continuous resource plan
  • Simple , fast and exact to the last cent calculation of all manufacturing steps
  • Takes just minutes to enter a new part by duplicating and adapting resource plans
  • Similarity search
  • Integrated materials data base
  • Provides enquiries with schedules while taking the complete schedule chain into account
  • Automatic materials requirement analysis
  • Workflow and release – controlled interdepartmental work


  • Displays all manual and mechanical mould processes
  • Automatic scheduling across all manufacturing steps taking capacities and bottlenecks into account (MRP II-run)
  • Flexible, scalable feedback chains in production
  • Procedure controlled administration of all tools and patterns for mould and cores
  • Integrated test planning and certificate generation
  • Detailed planning for each day or shift using add-ons
  • Seamless links between foundry specific modules ensure synchronized processes

Reporting / FIS

  • Integrated web-based FIS (foundry information system) – continuous information system about all data relevant for the product and production
  • Management information for decision makers
  • Comprehensive standard reports and real time evaluations
  • Visual planning using utilization and capacity cockpits
  • Open database
  • Bottleneck identification at any foundry stage
  • Reporting using standards

The Core functions of FRP.kompakt

  • Planning & Calculation
  • Sales
  • Purchasing
  • Production Planning and Control
  • Materials Management
  • Pattern Management
  • Tool Management
  • Quality Management (optional)
  • FIS

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