Where the (R)Evolution began:


The RGU was founded 1984 in Germany. For more than 30 years we have been delivering specific software solutions to the foundry industry. From the initial enquiry through to when cast parts are ready for shipment, we take care of and structure the processes using our software. We aim to cover the majority of functions required with our standard product.

Over the years we discovered that a foundry does not need an ERP-System. What a foundry needs is FRP®!

FRP® is derived from the well-known abbreviation ERP which stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. But instead of an undefined “Enterprise” we focus exclusively on “Foundries” which have significantly different processes compared to the run-of-the-mill manufacturing enterprises – this has led to the abbreviation FRP® or Foundry Resource Planning.

Over the past decades those processes have grown into the most powerful solution available on the market for calculations, resource, production planning and control – our RGU.FRP® family.

The RGU difference – Why are we different?

We live and breathe casting and structuring your processes. Our slogan – Cast in Software – reflects how strong our connections to the foundry business have been ever since we were founded in the year 1984. Our products are integrated solutions with a sophisticated level of detail providing a high level of standard cover for the often complex processes in foundries. Our staff are foundry specialists with many years of practical experience in foundries themselves and in IT. We know what you are talking about without having to check things in a foundry dictionary. Our consulting services are based on well-founded foundry knowledge combined with high-tech IT know-how to your advantage. Understanding foundry means understanding human experience rooting back many centuries.

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